Hello world!

I started to actively follow blogs about 6 years ago. I still remember the first blog I regularly followed was Brad Abrams’s blog. I followed blogs because they were interesting, they showed me a world outside my current company, and they contained lots of technical tidbits. Also, at that time they were the fastest way to spread information and helped to understand what’s cool right now.

Looking at my blog reader subscriptions now I have 75 blogs that I follow. Although Twitter has taken over blogs in many ways, I still think blogs have their place.

For years I was asked to have my own blog, and I always thought I do not have anything interesting to write; I felt like I would just reflect the same stuff that I read from other people’s blogs. During the last year or two that feeling has changed: more and more I have either solved problems that Google or Stackoverflow did not have answers for, or wanted to enforce some conventions, or wanted to keep something on record for myself and other people to find later. So far I have written to internal email lists or blogs on projects, but it feels stupid to keep information restricted to a small group of people.

So I finally changed my mind and created my own blog (and you are reading it). Some rules & conventions I’ll follow:

  1. I keep this blog strictly professional and IT development related. I will not write about my family, about Finnish political climate, or about climate overall.
  2. I will write when I have something to say, maybe once every second week. At the very beginning I might write more often since I have some already written internal blog posts ready to be edited and published here.
  3. Comments are open as long as they stay on the subject

Hello blogging world.