About me

About me

Tech leader & Solution developer/Architect

Over 25 years of experience in professional software development. Currently leading Next Games’s development, IT and unified gaming platforms. We are a Netflix internal game studio.

Before Next Games co-founded and built together an ambitious mobile gaming company Armada Interactive from scratch.

In my previous assignments before gaming industry I focused on high level solution/application architecture and license sales to SaaS transition. Especially interested in cloud computing and cloud service based business concepts. I’m fluent in speaking with various different stakeholders. My mission is to develop software that is tailored for real needs and has quality baked in from the beginning.

Due to my financial, government and consulting background, I’m used to designing security-critical systems.

Specialties: Tech organization leadership. Solution architecture. Cloud hosting (Azure, AWS & Google Cloud) and cluster management on top of it (Kubernetes). Server-side product stack, especially Rust, Go, Docker, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and related technologies. Scalability & designing software on cloud platforms. SOA & microservices. Web development with React/Redux. Development team coaching, technical recruiting. Evaluating emerging technologies.

If you want to know more about my skills and my career you can check my resume, or check any of the social sites listed on the menu.

Outdoor person, North & South Pole skier

Although strictly thinking this has nothing to do with my professional life, it still affects me as a person and coworker and thus is hard to leave unmentioned. I have done lots of sports in my life, and quite a lot of nice trips around the world. The ultimatum of this all was an unsupported expedition to the North Pole at 2006 with a group of seven skiers. The old site is still live, you can check www.pohjoisnapa.fi if you want to learn more. Honorable mention is South Pole expedition during season 2022-23. This trip was also unsupported and took 52 days of skiing.