ASP.NET vNext presentation at Microsoft devdays 2014

At the beginning of October Microsoft Finland held the yearly developer conference, this time with name Devdays. This year’s conference felt slightly smaller than previously.

As there is is lots of churn around the ASP.NET right now and I have a history with that framework, I proposed a presentation about ASP.NET vNext. Gladly it got accepted, and I had to dig deeper into what’s coming from the ASP.NET team. I played with the framework, watched every video and and read every blogpost about it from Scott Hanselman, David Fowler and others. I also prepared some demos, even a Linux demo which I had to scrap on last minute because I had only 45 minutes time to present. I tried to give the audience some guidelines how they can prepare to what’s coming, in order for the upgrade from current ASP.NET to be as easy as possible. It was nice to prepare and present, I hope it helped someone.

P.s. I waited for Microsoft to release the video recordings before posting this, but still after two months there is only a couple of videos available, and they are on strangely named Youtube channel, different from previous years. I do not know what happened as I have not seen any communication from MS about the recordings, and I have yet received no answer to my question. So I have to say this aspect of the conference was poorly executed this year. Also, there was no common feedback collection, which means that presenters did not get any proper feedback. For me it is important to see the video and get some feedback to be able to do better next year.